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Platforms that track transaction data involving cryptocurrencies have warned about an atypical movement of bitcoins recorded recently.

According to “The Not Satoshi’s Bags Tracker”, an unknown miner moved almost R$ 35 million in bitcoins last week. Although the amount moved is not that significant – bitcoin moves US$ 30 billion a day – the date of creation of the coins is what drew the attention.

The miner moved 100 bitcoin units that were created in 2010. The balance moved in BTC was mined in the “Satoshi era”, when bitcoin’s creator was still present on forums about the cryptoasset.

Although the balance does not belong to the creator of the most famous digital currency in the crypto market, the bitcoins have been kept intact at the address for eleven years.

In total, two transactions were recorded with the old bitcoin balance, with a two-month gap between them. Each of the transactions sent 50 units of bitcoin. The balance was received by the user as a reward for mining data blocks in May 2010.

Considering the bitcoin quote at that time, each unit of the digital currency was worth only US$ 0.05. That is, the miner’s BTC balance was only US$10 in 2010, and was turned into nearly US$ 6.3 million.