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The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, recently acknowledged the great potential of the metaverse. He said that technology could impact sectors such as culture and leisure.

In addition to the metaverse, Emmanuel Macron talked about Web3, a concept that includes crypto assets, NFTs, and new technologies such as blockchain. In other words, Emmanuel Macron believes that public policies should not be proposed without considering the metaverse.

For example, the French president mentioned the use of the metaverse for music shows and exhibitions. In addition, Macron intends to pass a legislative proposal aimed at non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Metaverse can promote culture

In the coming years, the metaverse will be responsible for promoting culture and creative production worldwide. With the growth of digital universes, by 2023, these platforms are expected to be an US$ 800 billion market.

As such, Emmanuel Macron has recognized the potential of the metaverse and intends to support cultural and leisure initiatives developed in digital universes. For him, France and Europe should propose a unified market for the sector.

Macron also highlighted how Web3 should impact the technological innovation sector. Therefore, the French president argues that this concept is an excellent opportunity for Europe to become a leader in developing Web3 initiatives.

A month ago, Macron was re-elected in France, and the country wants to adopt a position of neutrality when it comes to the legislation put forward by Europe for the crypto market.

Recently, the group of countries passed a regulation for the industry. However, the French president suggests that Europe should follow France in allowing a balance between the interests of regulation and technological development.