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FTX holds a big raffle for bitcoins on Sunday (13) during the Super Bowl to promote an advertising campaign.

According to FTX, four users will be chosen by Twitter to win bitcoins. In total, the prize could pay out between eight and ten bitcoin units to each lucky winner.

The final prize amount will vary according to the exact time FTX’s advertisement is shown during the Super Bowl halftime show. According to the promotion rules, users must follow some steps to participate in the draw, such as following the exchange’s official Twitter profile, for example.

In addition, those interested must retweet the official message of the promotion. After that, wait and hope to be one of the winners.

Considering the current bitcoin quotation in Brazil, the prize offered by FTX can reach more than R$ 2 million if the bitcoin offer in the draw is higher than ten units.

The official publication of the draw will be released on the day of the Super Bowl game and will only be available for a few hours on the social network. The bitcoin prize will be paid into the user’s FTX account.

“Each winner will receive bitcoins deposited into their FTX account. The amount of bitcoin to be deposited will be equal to the ET time that television commercial begins airing on NBC”.

The draw will occur during halftime of the next National Football League (NFL) contest. Next Sunday (13), the National Football Conference teams Los Angeles Rams and American Football Conference Cincinnati Bengals face each other while FTX gives away free bitcoins.