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A survey by the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (Anbima) in partnership with Datafolha showed that generation Z (people between nine and 24 years old) is the one that invests the most in digital assets, compared to other investments.

According to the survey published by Infomoney, 2.8% of respondents of this generation invest in digital currencies, surpassing other age groups. In addition, this generation is also the one that has the most information about cryptocurrencies (6.3%) and shares (26%). 

Despite being the most prominent cryptocurrency investor share, Gen Z has the least knowledge about investments in general. And it is the one that uses financial products the least, according to Anbima.

In terms of knowledge of investment options, millennials (25 to 40 years) stand out for the largest share of experts of government bonds (Treasury Direct) (19.6%) and investment funds (14.6%).

Other Investor X-Ray survey results

  • Generation X (41 to 56 years) is the one that leaves the most resources in savings accounts (32.5%).
  • Boomers (57 to 75 years) lead investments in private securities (7.1%), investment funds (5%), and pension plans (3.6%)
  • Among millennials (25 to 40 years), 5.1% invest in the Stock Exchange and 3.8% in government bonds via Treasury Direct – more than any other age group surveyed.

Cryptoassets as a hedge option against inflation

Cryptoassets, especially bitcoin, has been seen by analysts and companies as a hedge against inflation. This is because the expansionary policies of governments have both inflated asset prices in general and caused local currencies to lose value. Bitcoin, which is immune to this system because its supply is defined, is proving popular among companies, and they are already accumulating bitcoin in cash.