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Fidelity Investments starts the final stages of tests for the launch of its trading platform and custody of digital assets. Under the responsibility of The Fidelity Digital Assets Exchange the launching the new crypto platform, announcing its development in October 2018. The platform aims the growing market demand of institutional investors wishing to enter the crypto world.

Initially Fidelity builds the platform together with a small group of investors. However, the company plans to gradually open the platform for investors in general. In this way, Fidelity gradually launches new products related to the crypto market. The company offers an environment entirely covered by regulation as its differential to attract institutional investors.

Crypto starts to walk together with institutional market

Fidelity focus on the offering digital assets to institutional investors by offering services previously restricted to exchanges. As a strategic differential the company have the confidence built during years of operation in the traditional financial market. With the creation of a company focused on cryptoasset, new products must be launched in the market having the support and prestige built by the company for decades.

The proximity of the traditional financial market with the crypto world can bring countless advantages to both sides. While the application of common regulations of the institutional market can benefit the crypto market. On the other hand, crypto technology can bring benefits, such as more security for the future market. The expectation is that everyone would benefit from the changes that are to come, institutional investors and crypto investors.

The news portal CNN reported the final testing phase for the Fidelity platform on the first day of February.