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A new feature of the Google search engine, yet to be available to Brazilian users, provides ethereum address data, including information such as how much ETH is stored in the searched wallet.

The new feature was disclosed by Google Ventures director Han Hua in a Twitter post on October 11, in which he cited that blockchain addresses would be available in search.

The announcement of the new feature came alongside the announcement of Google’s partnership with crypto assets exchange Coinbase, also announced on October 11, which aims to allow users to use crypto assets to pay for cloud services starting in 2023.

However, tests have shown that not all addresses are working – in the case of bitcoin, Google’s search returned no results. 

What is Google’s interest?

But actually, Ethereum addresses are public, and anyone can discover them, with the right tools, including identifying how much ETH a wallet holds, what transactions have been made, and which applications the user has interacted with on the network.

Such data, undoubtedly, is very interesting for industry analysts, traders, and investors. But some have warned that Google may sell blockchain data to specific advertisers who want to target users with certain profiles through their wallets. 

 “Now @Google will sell our blockchain data to advertisers in order to target us via our wallets!” said SadPanda.blockchain, the former editor-in-chief of Web3ArtBlog.NFT, on Twitter.