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Transfero Swiss teamed up with the  Brazilian startup MyToken and the Japanese Style Car Shop to tokenize a rare sports vehicle. The car will be a Nissan GTR Skyline V-Spec II, a model known worldwide for being used in the Fast and Furious film series and in the game Need For Speed. In practice, token holders become owners of the car.

The GTR Token project was born from the partnership between the three companies, aiming at creating tokens that represent the value of a real vehicle. With the tokenization of the vehicle, interested parties from anywhere in the world can invest digitally in the luxury car market – in this case, this one is in Japan.

According to those responsible for the project, Nissan’s choice was made after months of studies. The group evaluated financial models and went out in search of the ideal vehicle. Also according to the organizers, this is a rare car and has only two units around the world, one of which is in a museum.

In addition, the companies stressed that the expectation is that the peak of the car’s appreciation will be achieved in 2025. This will happen due to the end of the 25-year-old Law for this specific car. “The target value for the sale of tokens in 2020 is US$ 220,000. Yet, the target resale value in 2025 of the car is US$ 450,000”, the sources told Cointelegraph.

The car will be stored in a specialized garage in Japan and can be monitored in real time by investors. Organizers also study the possibility of allowing visitors to the tokenized vehicle.

There is not only tokens for Fast and Furious cars

Being part of the billion-dollar rare car industry nowadays is already a possibility. Some platforms, such as CurioInvest, allow the investor to own a slice of the vehicle, thus making part of a select investors club that buys and sells collectible cars as an investment asset.

The purchase of pieces of these cars occurs through the acquisition of security tokens, which price varies according to the “quotation” of these cars in the market. The resources are used to actually buy the car for future resale. Token holders earn the right to receive the profits from the resale of the vehicle.

The investors can diversify their investments by buying tokens from different luxury cars. That way, he can also set up the garage of his dreams, even if it is made only of an encrypted representation of the real asset.