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Major financial institutions and technology companies in the world are investing heavily in startups that create innovative projects to develop the crypto market. At the same time, these companies continue avoiding investments in the new asset class.

According to the new agency Reuters, in the accumulated of this year, the cryptocoins and blockchain startups had already totaled US$ 850 million in 13 businesses in venture capital funds. The data were published in an article on the site Business Insider.

With this amount, the volume of financing in this market segment moves towards a second consecutive annual record. Last year, the result was US$ 2.4 billion, invested in 117 businesses.

What does that mean?

The challenges in the adoption of the technology for commercial use, relatively restricted applications and regulatory concerns are among the main drawbacks to its expansion.

However, the latest figures on the financing volume dismantle this concern. Some big companies are betting on startups. The London Stock Exchange (LSE), for example, has recently led a round of US$ 20 million in Nivaura, a startup that aims to use blockchain to automate processes of capital market, with the participation of Santander Bank.

In addition, the startup Chainalysis, received US$ 6 million in funding from the Japanese Mitsubishi and from the venture capital company  Sozo Ventures. The tendency to these financial funding has been focusing on the development and improvement of tokens.

Growth trend

What experts expect, in this scenario, is that the big companies continue to invest in technology. Consequently, they can ensure for an opportunity of the development of the startups, while avoiding financial risk.