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U.S. President Joe Biden has convened a meeting involving 30 countries to discuss tackling cryptoasset cybercrime worldwide.

According to a White House statement sent to CNN, the meeting is intended to create a task force to combat the illicit use of cryptoassets, as well as “improving the collaboration of law enforcement.”

The announcement of the meeting comes shortly after the United States suffered ransomware attacks that demand ransoms in cryptoassets such as bitcoins.

Recently, the New Cooperative company was rendered entirely inoperable after suffering a cyberattack in the United States. The farmers cooperative’s computers were shut down, and the threat was contained after a few days.

In addition to the New Cooperative, Colonia Pipeline – a large company that supplies fuel in the U.S. – had to stop its activities after it suffered the same type of attack.

The meeting with the 30 countries will take place in October 2021, and the first meeting will be virtual. According to Joe Biden’s call, cyberattacks pose a threat to the United States economy. In addition to the attacks, the statement spoke about combating the illicit use of cryptoassets.

While facing cybercrime involving ransom demands on digital assets, the United States has stated that it does not intend to restrict cryptoasset transactions in the country.

Not long ago, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank President Jerome Powell stated that the U.S. should not ban cryptoassets. Unlike China, the country does not intend to adopt a prohibitionist policy toward this market.