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They rely on innovative and audacious teams. In addition, they are global, leading and high-technology companies. These blockchain startups are working to make the technology more accessible, prominent and mainstream. While some of the best projects on display were related to infrastructure, such as public blockchains, others are more focused on adjacent services.

Here we introduce a list of 10 companies that are developing unique systems with the potential to disrupt the traditional industries, as well as to get support from legitimate entities. The information is from Forbes.

Stay tuned on these companies:


The was founded in June 2018. Based in Singapore, is one of the leading digital asset exchanges focused on the global market. In less than a year, it has already racked up 1.1 million registered users and 100,000 daily active users. Supported by Du Jun, co-founder of Huobi, BiKi is one of the stock exchanges that have been showing faster growth. Thus, the company focuses on the incremental global market, with the mission of bringing digital assets into the mainstream.

Advanced Blockchain AG

With headquarters in Berlin and publicly listed, the Advanced Blockchain AG (ABAG), was founded by the encryption pioneer and co-founder of, Robert Küfner. The company is innovative in blockchain solutions for corporations. Furthermore, it created a DLT solution to one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The ABAG was recently selected to participate in the chapter about the Silicon Valley of the German Accelerator. This allows German companies of high potential to get started with success in the markets of the United States.


Built by leading scientists and cryptographers, the YottaChain is a blockchain that uses an economic model and a unique governance structure. In addition, it has technology to connect global computing storage resources. In lay terms, ordinary people have the opportunity to use the power of a supercomputer and a large-scale storage previously reserved for companies. This is done by connecting decentralized storage resources, while providing deduplication after encryption. In 2018, the YottaChain was one of the 20 finalists of the World Championship Founder in Silicon Valley.


Based in Barcelona, HeroToken is the sequence of the success story of PawnHero. The founder David Margendorff, along with a solid team of experts in technology, is working on HeroToken to build a better future for the billions of funds without bank and with little funding that exist globally. This solution leverages the blockchain to provide a transparent lending market that connects lenders with borrowers around the world.


With a global development team of engineers from Google, IBM, Huawei and GE, the Bitconch is using a consensus algorithm of proof of reputation  (POR) to allow its  beta network beta to reach 100,000 transactions per second. The deed would be considered the highest performance on the market in blockchain systems. In addition, the Bitconch established a reputation system of three-dimensional intelligent nodes. It is formed by POA (proof of activity) + POW (proof of work) + POS (proof of participation). With that, it contributes to a pool of open nodes and anti-centralization. To broaden its  efforts, the company recently partnered with the Cryptic Labs.


The BREACH was founded with one primary goal: to protect your digital assets. It has the support of the PJC, an important company from early stage venture capital, based in Boston. The BREACH is also in partnership with global insurance companies, experts in cyber security and stock exchanges. The purpose is to offer products that protect users’ investments. With almost US$ 1 billion cryptocurrencies stolen from stock exchanges in 2018, the use of insurance products in the blockchain industry has never been so strengthened.


Based in Germany, the Karatbars International GmbH is the mother company of KaratGold Coin. It has a robust ecosystem based on gold, for blockchain cross-border solutions. It´s latest product, the IMPulse K1 Smartphone is the first phone that uses the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOPB). Currently, the Karat Gold allows consumers to negotiate or buy gold at more than 500,000 points of acceptance around the world. With all the recent talk about Bitcoin versus gold, this company offers the best of both worlds.


With the support of Matrix Partners, ZhenFund and Metropolis VC, the BISS is a membership-based encryption, such as Costco, where members can enjoy exclusive offers. The platform is also the first exchange of encryption for security in the world, in which users can exchange tokens easily for securities/bonds. In this way, they minimize the downside volatility of the cryptography. These types of innovative solutions have gained a lot of attention from major investors and financial institutions. This initial success helped BISS winning 300,000 monthly users in just four months.

LiteLink Technologies Inc.

The LiteLink is a publicly traded company that develops business platforms and digital wallets that use blockchain to solve problems in the logistics and payment areas. The main logistics platform in LiteLink,  the 1SHIFT, offers transparency and real-time tracking. With that, it allows brokers, shippers and transporters to follow the remittances and make payments without missing a step of the process. The uBUCK Pay is a digital wallet  of multiple currencies, with a stable dollar based Token built in blockchain Waves that supports traditional fiat and digital currencies.


The MetaHash is a self-generated network for DApps and digital assets with the vision of creating a new Internet. The MetaHash also offers a set of tools for developers and solutions for companies. Its protocol, based on advanced data synchronization, handles  more than 50,000 transactions per second with three seconds from time of consensus. Thus, it solves the main issue of speed in the industry. With hundreds of servers operated by the community, the MetaHash is approaching its goal of becoming the fastest blockchain totally decentralized.