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Throughout 2021, bitcoin entered the portfolios of several publicly listed companies, which began accumulating large amounts of the cryptoasset.

With the growth of large company investments in bitcoin, businesses like MicroStrategy have accumulated over 124,000 BTC by the end of 2021.

With a dedicated bitcoin fund, MicroStrategy is the publicly traded company that has the most bitcoins in its portfolio, a sum of almost US$ 6 billion.

After MicroStrategy, Tesla owns the second-largest bitcoin reserve globally among publicly traded companies. With a total of 42,900 bitcoin units in its portfolio, Tesla’s cryptoasset fortune is equivalent to nearly US$2 billion.

In third place, Galaxy Digital Holding is on the list of companies with a significant bitcoin balance. Involved directly with the crypto market, the bank has 16,400 bitcoins in custody.

Another company investing in bitcoin is Voyager Digital LTD, with 12,260 bitcoins in its portfolio. Considering the cryptoasset’s share price on Wednesday (5), the company’s bitcoin balance is equivalent to US$ 569 million.

Payments company Block, Inc. also invests in bitcoin and has the fifth most extensive portfolio of the cryptoasset among publicly listed companies. In total, the company accumulates 8,200 bitcoins, which are valued at about US$ 381 million. In addition to Block, Inc. other companies invest in bitcoin, such as:

  1. Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (7.649 BTC)
  2. Hut 8 Mining Corp (5.242 BTC)
  3. Coinbase Global, Inc. (4.482 BTC)
  4. Riot Blockchain, Inc. (3.995 BTC)

10. Bitcoin Group SE (3.947 BTC)