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Blockchain technology has been increasingly present in various sectors. According to CNBC’ s publication, it is already being used as a feature to facilitate job search. Aneel Bhusri , co-founder and CEO of Workday, a human resources technology company, says blockchain use has been a success.

The human resources technology company, founded in 2005 and with market value above US$ 40 billion, has made use of the system to create so-called credentials.
 “Blockchain is a technology that seeks a problem to solve. We found a solution: credentials”, Bhusri told the portal, and completed explaining what this innovation represents. “Employees can go from company to company and upload credentials with them on a private network. This content cannot be edited by an external source”, he said.

In this way, the blockchain technology would prevent applicants for a job opening from lying about their professional and educational histories, which has been a problem on platforms such as LinkedIn and for companies working with the verification of background for contracting companies.

 “Employees can have access to data from any information they want to take” said Bhusri, who has also brought other uses to the technology. “Universities can also ensure that the diplomas cited by jobseekers are real”, the CEO added, speaking about a trend in the education sector.

A quoted example is Blockcerts, a platform developed in MIT that can be used to create, issue, view, and verify blockchain-based educational certificates.

Machine learning

The CEO also highlights the use of machine learning in the use of artificial intelligence (AI). “AI makes people connect its idea with images of the Terminator film, and this is not the world we live in. Machine learning allows you to make predictions by analyzing huge amounts of data. Human beings are great at making judgments”, says Bhusri.

Bhusri said the power of predicting with machine learning will allow humans to make major judgments, and this process will become important to find the right job. “AI will predict the next right step in your career”, Bhusri argued.

According to the publication of the portal, IBM has also been exploring ways in which its artificial intelligence technology, Watson, can lead to a revolution in the human resources departments. The company even claims to have a technology that can predict when an employee will leave, in addition to combining employees with the best potential opportunities. IBM’s CEO said predictive technology works accurately of up to 95%.