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With its construction expected to be completed in the first half of 2023, Maravalley Port will be a hub of innovation and technology, bringing together startups, the Institute of Pure Applied Mathematics (IMPA), and several companies that will need talent and high-level professionals.

As a result, Transfero, one of the companies supporting the project, believes in the relevant role of the Transfero Academy training program.

“The Maravalley Port project is very straight forward and ambitious, proposing the transformation and development of Rio de Janeiro. But to achieve this, it will be necessary to search for talents, promote the training of professionals, and develop innovative technologies in all areas,” said Sergio Wellington, Academic & Technical Advisor at Transfero.

According to him, this represents an opportunity for young talents who want to expand their knowledge.

“The Transfero Academy seeks people who see a career as a developer in Information Technology or a possibility to improve the quality of services in their profession. We look for talents in several areas, and this multidisciplinarity has surprised us positively,” Wellington told PanoramaCrypto in an interview.

Qualification creates opportunities

transfero academy

According to Wellington, the Transfero program, which has already graduated two classes, has had students who have never programmed a line of code and today are already employed as developers.

“There are also cases of IT professionals who had an academic education but not a real professional opportunity that qualified them for the job market,” he explained.

According to the executive, the two initial classes functioned as a laboratory for the development of a project for the Brazilian market, and in 2023 the project will start a new phase.

“For the market, Maravalley will create an important meeting point for startups, leaders, investors, incubators, companies, universities, and government to come together to generate technology, innovation, and inclusion. Innovation promotes economic growth and inclusion,” said Wellington, reinforcing that Transfero is a global technology company that needs to be close to any innovation project – especially regarding crypto assets.

Today, the Transfero Academy seeks professionals from various areas to promote their training in programming.

“Currently, we have courses for back-end and front-end programmers in C#, python, and typescript. We also address aspects of the job market through lectures by professionals from various areas. But I think the market demands more qualification in biotechnology, health, energy, Web 3.0, and games,” said Wellington.

According to him, the speed of the program, with a short and practical learning track, is one of the significant differentials of the initiative. “We can create classes to train professionals for partner companies, for example,” he said.

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