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Sequoia, Baidu, Nasdaq and Fidelity are among some of the biggest companies to do long terms investments in crypto market. Despite the fall in value of the cryptocurrencies, the companies of cryptoasset and blockchain still raising millions of dollars in market.

At fourth of dezember, Nasdaq and Fidelity invested in a cryptocurrency exchange called ErisX. The new enterprise funded US$ 27.5 millions less than two months after raised resources of TD Ameritrade. So, with the resources, the company have plans to spread your business in all the 50 states of the USA. Therefore, deals such as these demonstrate the trustful of capital in the growing of the sector in a long term.

Similarly, Sequoia and Baidu, the chinese Google, has invested US$ 35 millions in one blockchain protocol. The system has been created by the award winning teacher of information science Andrew Chi-Chih Yao.

Moreover, ICOs has funded more than US$ 60 millions in november, even with the USA regulatory pressure.

Trustly in cryptocurrencies

Throughout this year, the cryptocurrency market have demonstrated signs of surviving and relatively high demands of both, individuals and institutions. In other words, it gave a hope for the investors that bet in this market. Is always important to understand the nuances of crypto financial market to do the best choices.

This kind of deals, large-scaled, as the Nasdaq and Fidelity, serve to affirm that cryptoassets are not just a fad.