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The financial market is increasingly gearing up to offer crypto-related products. With the arrival of bitcoin on the stock exchange in 2021, digital currencies may also be used as a form of dividend payment for stocks.

Soon, bitcoin will be used by BTCS company to pay dividends to investors who own shares in the business. Listed on Nasdaq since September 2021, BTCS is the first company in the world to offer cryptoassets as a form of dividend payment.

Considered a company that develops solutions for digital currency investors, BTCS announced that the dividend payment in bitcoin will take place in March 2022.

In total, each share of the US company will correspond to a US$ 0.05 dividend payment in bitcoin. According to a note from BTCS, investors who do not want to receive in cryptoassets can opt for cash payment.

The announcement of the dividend payment in bitcoin caused BTCS’ stock price to jump in the market. As recently as January 5, 2022, the price rose from US$ 3.03 to US$ 4.36.

In total, BTCS shares have risen more than 130% since the news involving dividend payments with cryptoassets was revealed. As of Wednesday (12), each share of the company’s stock is being valued at US$ 7.01.

According to the BTCS dividend distribution schedule, investors need to hold the company’s shares until March 16, 2022, in their wallets. In addition, they will need to inform the company that they wish to receive the payment in bitcoin.