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An update released recently in dash promises to improve the user’s experience and increase the processing speed of transactions. The update makes the usage of the InstaSend default in most part of the dash system, making possible to release transactions instantly. In previous versions was necessary to realize the activation of the function manually and a fee has charged for the usage. The launch of the update v0.13.0 was announced by the company at november in he’s official blog.

The InstaSend is a function that sends transactions to a group of ten masternodes. So, their task is to ensure that transaction will be stored on blockchain . Beyond the usage of the InstaSend as a standard tool, the dash also brings others relevant updates in this new release. Among them are, adoption of the blockchain to non financial transactions and changes at privates transactions. The masternodes will have many gains, as the activation of the delegations of the vote and a list as unique source of truth.


The dash presents a promising technology and is among the cryptocurrencies of most evidence. However, by having the option of encrypted transactions, this coin may have sanctions with regulatory processes. Therefore, the JVCEA is proposing to banish dash of japanese exchanges licensed by this agency. Despite this, the crypto has focused on be more a payment method than a speculative asset.

Recently Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, gave a interview where demonstrate optimism about the adoption of  cryptos. To him, the Central Banks should adopt this technology to the emission of their own currencies. Taylor shows to be quite conscious about the challenges of the mass adoption of the cryptos. Although not following in the same direction of the institutional market, dash seems to have clear path to follows. Therefore, the technological innovations started by bitcoin still bringing advantages for everyone in the crypto world.