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In the retrospective that lists Google’s most frequent searches, the words bitcoin and NFT stood out. The ranking is an important barometer to measure interest and serves as a reference to validate, anticipate, and confirm the most popular trends.

“How to buy bitcoin” surpassed searches related to “how to buy stocks”,  which demonstrates people’s growing interest in the crypto universe.

The information comes as no surprise, since there are already more investors in crypto assets than in the stock market in Brazil. But, on the other hand, the survey also indicates that interest in such information is growing, even among those who have never invested in crypto.

Also, the search term “how much it costs” concerning bitcoin shows that the first position refers to oxygen cylinders (whose logical explanation is the year of the pandemic). But “how much does one bitcoin cost” appears in seventh place.

In the case of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), searches were related to “create” and “how to create”. The result is also not surprising, given that the term has been used in several situations, from the sale of works of art to game items, segments that also had significant growth in 2021.