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The Individual Income Tax declaration (IRPF) in 2022 will have a new feature related to the crypto market. Seeking to identify declared assets and values, the agency has created new codes for stablecoins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to this year’s income tax return program, Brazilians will be able to identify investments in NFTs to the tax authorities. With a new code for non-fungible tokens, the filling should be done in the goods and services section through code 88.

On the other hand, the code for declaring values in stablecoins is 83, according to the IRS. In addition to these codes, the agency had already created ways to declare bitcoin (code 81), altcoins (code 82), and other cryptoassets (code 89).

The change reflects an IRS initiative to detail the declaration of cryptoassets further. Until now, stablecoins were declared by Brazilians through code 89.

Released last Friday (25), Normative Instruction RFB 2065 increased to five codes the classification of digital currencies and tokens that must be declared in Brazil.

The inclusion of the two codes is already part of the 2022 income tax program. According to the declaration schedule, taxpayers will access the system starting March 7, 2022.

A declaração de criptoativos no imposto de renda em 2022 sofrerá alterações com dois novos códigos criados pela Receita Federal.

With almost two months left, the income tax return period will end on April 29, 2022. This year will be the first time Brazilians will have a unique code to declare NFTs.