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One of the most popular browsers, the Opera, launched a new version that supports ethereum decentralized applications (DApps). The launch happened at the event called Hard Fork Decentralized in London, at the last december 13. The version of the browser called as Web-3-ready already appears available at Google Play for Android usage.

According to the product manager of Opera Crypto, Charles Hamel, the product have the potential to facilitate the usage of crypto. As published in an article at CoinTelegraph, Hamel says that most part of the Opera developers community supports ethereum too. The company believes that becoming a pioneer in the movement, soon others browsers shall follow this course.

To support the Dapps works thanks to a ethereum wallet integrated to the browser. Therefore, applications the uses the ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocol, as the popular CryptoKitties, can be easily accessed with the browser. The company also pretends to develop browsers with the same support for others operating systems, as Windows, Mac and Linux.

The crypto world at smartphones

Many projects is developing integrations of the crypto technology to smartphones. It happens most because the number of user in the crypto world still rising more and more. Recently HTC launched the first smartphone that aim in the support to crypto technology and Dapps. However, the mass adoption still depending of government regulations. Another important subject is the technical issues that crypto technology don’t solve yet, as the blockchain scalability. The support of Opera browser have a great importance for the grow of all crypto ecosystem.