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For Transfero, globalization has already begun in the digital environment; with its growth, both in solutions and geographical scope, the rebranding was necessary. From now on, Transfero Swiss AG is just Transfero and its education channel, PanoramaCrypto, follows the innovation with a new visual identity.

“The rebranding process was necessary to better balance the financial services that Transfero already offers, in addition to strengthening the use of technology by connecting all its solutions. Undoubtedly, a highlight in this new moment of the company”, said the founder and CMO of Transfero, Guilherme Murtinho.

“All this work was brilliantly developed in partnership with RAF Design, a company specialized in branding. Today, there is no office in Brazil with the level of understanding in blockchain and cryptoassets like this company. The process, methodology and understanding were fundamental to reach the results we were imagining”, he added.

 Freedom to make your own choices

In its manifesto explaining the change, Transfero points out that “freedom” is having the power to make one’s own choices; however, when choices are limited, freedom is not real. Hence the importance of cryptoassets, which allow users to have full control of their financial decisions. “Free from any government interventions or bureaucracies, digital currencies have ushered in a new global revolution, providing inclusion and financial freedom without borders for all,” the document says.

Specialized in offering financial solutions based on blockchain technology, which validates and records all transactions carried out in cryptoassets, in a decentralized, transparent, and secure manner, the goal of Transfero is to facilitate the entry of investors into the new global financial system. An example of this is PanoramaCrypto, which contributes to the popularization of this market by offering educational content online and free of charge.