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The government of Paraná, a Brazilian state, will use blockchain to bring more security and transparency to the public sector. The application will be developed by the Canadian Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), a global organization funded by international corporations and government agencies. The expectation is that, besides improving public sector processes, the application of technology may also encourage technological innovation in the state.

The Information and Communication Technology Company of Paraná (Celepar, in portuguese) will be the precursor in the process of expansion and deployment. Thus, a number of public processes may benefit from the technology, making public spending safer. According to the Director of Operations of Paranacidade, Camila Mileke Scucato, technology has a great potential to reduce bureaucracy public processes. The release of resources in public works, for example, can be simplified, enabling the monitoring of all its stages.

The Paraná Development Agency (APD) intermediated the agreement and made it official on March 7. Therefore, the technical director of the APD, Giancarlo Rocco, conducted a closing panel at the event to launch the agreement. The panel had representatives of the private sector who have cases of use of blockchain. Therefore, the panel also had the participation of the aforementioned Director of Paranacidade Operations.

Crypto technology in Latin America

The number of applications using crypto technology has grown at an accelerated pace in Latin America. Recently, a customs payment process used an integrated bitcoin application to make the payment. Therefore, Colombian bank Davivienda is developing a payment system using crypto assets technology. These applications prove the observation made by Nicholas Merten in a recent conversation with Transfero CEO Thiago César. According to the founder of DataDash, for those who live in Latin America, this is the best time for cryptos.