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What if you could have a Ferrari F12tdf and be part of a multi-billion dollar industry of collectible cars. And what if we say that you can do it? And thatiIt is no longer necessary to be a super-rich to invest in collectible cars?

Well, maybe you will not be able to drive this car. But a platform named CurioInvest allows you to own a slice of such car and be part of a select club of investors who sell  and buy collectible cars as an investment asset. The CurioInvest was one of the companies participating in the Crypto Valley Conference, held in the last week of June.

The purchase of pieces of these cars takes place through the acquisition of security tokens, whose prices vary according to the “quote” of these cars on the market. The resources are used to purchase the car for future resale. The holders of the tokens earn the right to receive profits from the resale of the vehicle.

The investors can diversify their investments by buying tokens of different luxury cars. That way, he can also build the garage of his dreams, even if it is made only of an encrypted representation of the real asset.

Investing in collectible cars is a reality

The company has a team of experts in collectible cars that choose the models for the purchase. They evaluate cars with potential for appreciation over time. The investor buys the token and starts holding a portion of this car. All historical information of the vehicle is at the investor´s disposal.

The asse has liquidity. For example, if the investor which buys the token wants to give up on the investment before the corresponding car be sold, he can trade it with another person. The selling price will be proportional to the market value of the vehicle at the time of the transaction. When the cars hit a 20% appreciation, they are automatically sold and the profits go to the holders of the token. The company gets a fee of 25% of the profits.

Someone might wonder if, generally speaking, the cars don’t devalue over time. It’s true that most cars have depreciation in their values. But according to the company, rare collectible cars tend to rise in value and not fall. According to the company, those type of cars are one of the assets that perform best in terms of recovery.

On the other hand, the bad news is that despite being owner of a part of the vehicle, you can’t drive it.  Are you encouraged to try? Share the news telling if you would invest in a rare car and why.