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The TSAG Advanced wallet of Transfero exceeded all market indexes in June, considering the profitability in Reais. In that month, the valuation was 30.95%, influenced by the announcement of the Libra, the cryptocurrency of Facebook, which sparked euphoria in the market and brought investors who believe in a new disruption coming from Mark Zuckerberg´s venture. Other portfolios of Transfero also had outstanding performance

The TSGA Advanced wallet combines macro evaluation on the cycles of the bitcoin with technical analysis and statistics aiming profitability. So, it suffers a direct influence of the asset´s valuation. In June, the bitcoin had an appreciation of approximately 28% against the dollar.

Other Transfero portfolios just lost to Ibovespa in June

The other strategies for wallets management from Transfero had only underperformed the Ibovespa in June. The TSAG Libra, passive strategy based on a wallet of ten cryptocurrencies, closed the month with high of 2.95% and TSAG Conservative high of 3.02%. Conversely the Ibovespa, the Brazilian main stock market index, ended June with appreciation of 4.06%, at 100,967 points.

However, year to date the wallets of Transfero outweight the major market indexes, especially the TSAG Advanced which accumulates the impressive figure of 129.41%. Until June, the accumulated of Ibovespa index was 14.88%. On the other hand, the CDI year accumulated until the end of June was just over 3%.

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Adjustment may last longer than expected

Following to the market´s flagging a bullish trend market (high) and going through a period of intense price acceleration in the last three months, the bitcoin underwent a  price adjustment strengthened by discussions concerning the Libra in the United States Senate.

“With a fall greater than 30% against the maximum price of US$13,900.00 on 26 June, a fall is expected until the next input at around US$ 8,700.00”, says the head of Investments at Transfero Swiss, Carlos Franco Russo.

For the strategist, the bitcoin broke an uptrend line that has been going on since April 2019, signaling that the adjustment can take a little longer than the previous ones. “The other cryptoassets still have not adapted to the appreciation of the bitcoin, which suggests that we can still have a new springtime of the altcoins in the medium term”, he assesses.

Despite the fall, the recent adjustment reinforces the similarity with the bitcoin´s uptrend  standard of 2016-2017, when intense highs came followed by adjustments around 30%. “The ship has landed again and it’s time to get on board”, points out Russo, using a popular saying in the crypto market.  For him, adjustments like this are beneficial to the market and open up good entry points for investors. Therefore, in the next 6 months, the market’s bullish trend remains.

Follow in detail the performance of Transfero wallets in June

Advanced -> 30,95% (BRL) / -6,04% (BTC)
Libra -> 2,95% (BRL) / -25,47% (BTC)
Conservative -> 3,02%

Accumulated Profitability in 2019:
Advanced -> 171,36% (BRL) / -15,80% (BTC)
Libra -> 129,41% (BRL) / -28,97% (BTC)
Conservative -> 20,66%

Profitability over the last 12 months:
Advanced -> 101,94% (BRL) / 23,14% (BTC)
Libra -> -33,66% (BRL) / -59,39% (BTC)
Conservative -> 61,73%