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Richard James, known in the world of electronic music as Aphex Twin, announced on March 13 his own release on Foundation, the main NFT platform. The NFT /Afx/weirdcore contains an exclusive audiovisual piece, with sound and the image of the artist’s face, alluding to the cover of the album Care because You Do, released by the artist in 1995.

Aphex Twin’s NFT was sold at an online auction by 72 ether, which corresponds to about US$ 127,000.00. The auction started at 1 ether (US$ 1,800). According to the artist, part of the amount raised will be given to social and environmental initiatives.

NFT of Aphex Twin is just the beginning: opportunity for artists of various segments

More and more musicians and artists are betting on this format for online sale of original digital art. NFTs are unique tokens (the reason for the term not fungible), whose information is recorded in blockchain.

Since there are no equal NFTs, the strategy guarantees exclusivity and authenticity of the works, since each of them has different serial numbers. Even DC Comics, which owns brands like Batman and Superman, is considering entering this market. In a statement sent to employees the company said it was “exploring opportunities to enter the market for distribution and sale of digital art licensed with NFTs, including new art works, created specifically for the NFTs market, as well as original digital arts rendered for comic book publications”.