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Conflux Foundation has united a group of researchers to solve the scalability problem in blockchain. The group will contribute with a team of ten developers that should do the first tests at february of 2019. However, the chronogram of the project target the solution just in third quarter of the next year. The announcement of the project has been done in the beginning of december, according the BTC Manager.

Conflux is a non profit organization based in Singapore that will usage a research fund to develop the research. The fund already attracted investments of big technology companies, as Sequoia Capital, Baidu, F2Pool and Huobi. Despite Conflux be a non profit organization, the investors will have access to a token that may have a increased value in the future.

The company says that is searching a solution that make possible the inclusion of blocks in the blockchain in a asynchronous way. For now the blockchain technology works only with one block per time to add the blocks in the chain. Therefore, in case the group have success in the research, the technology will have a great gain of scalability. The group did not disclose further technical details about the research that is in process.

Last step to mass adoption

Recently the CTO of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, has published a tweet asserting that big companies already have adopted the technology of the cryptos. However, in another tweet, he assert that scalabilities problems still preventing the mass adoption. Other solutions, as Hedera Hashgraph also has been created to try to solve this issue. With so much research in development, is a matter of time till a group find a solution to the blockchain scalability. With this issue solved, the mass adoption will be a natural process to the global economy.