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Businesses should closely watch the expansion of blockchain games. It is not new that new technologies debut in games and are later used in other markets. It happened with the personal computer, online payment, and even streaming.

The creators of the Brazilian blockchain game Universus intend to open the way to understand the emerging models for games and business at Rio Info 2022, which will take place this Monday (12).

Universus brings together a series of play-to-earn games where players enter an intergalactic world and can receive NFTs and tokens the more they explore. For Gab Araújo, co-founder of the game, the games are a more “practical” way to bring the concepts of Web 3.0 to the general public.

“The best way to educate audiences of this type is to tie together practical memories and results. The game is a practical experience in the Web 3.0 environment. Why are games the coolest gateway to the Web 3.0 world? Because the user sees in a short period the results of each decision he will make in the digital environment”, said Araújo.

In the view of Leonardo Murakami, co-founder and chief executive of Universus, the decentralization made possible by the blockchain allows a different relationship between the community and the game. And this concept will be expanded to business in general on the blockchain.

“The consumer is increasingly demanding, wants to be heard and have a more immersive experience. So we are opening the door for them to enjoy the overall success and revenues of the game in a decentralized way and have a say on the next steps through official voting. And all this is secured by Blockchain technology”.

P2E: Universus wants to explore it

The innovation of the P2E model will also be the topic of Universus’ presentation at Rio Info 2022. “We believe that in the future, in about five to ten years, most games will have NFTs and tokens. Giving real ownership of game items and coins means respecting the player’s investment in time and money. This way, players can sell and buy freely on the secondary market”, said Araújo.

Universus is a game created with Take4Content, Transfero, and Você Sabia channel. It focuses on democratizing access to tokens and NFTs.

Recently, the developers added a way to buy NFTs using Pix, all with an eye on how to make the language and transaction of crypto assets more fluid within the game space. Executives point out that they want to make it easier for users to get into the game, both with financial inclusion and through local language content and a smooth learning curve, being easy to learn and difficult to master.