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After two years of being held virtually, Rio Info’s traditional innovation event returns to a face-to-face format on September 12. In its 20th edition, the event brings this year an exclusive track on the crypto universe with the support and sponsorship of Transfero.

In the Rio Info 2022 program, themes such as financial freedom and autonomy, blockchain, games, and the carioca project transform the city of Rio into a hub of innovation and an enabling environment for crypto asset businesses.

“The event’s focus is – and always has been – technology and innovation. So, traditionally, Rio Info brings together entrepreneurs and managers of startups, promoting a business development environment with this innovative bias and a lot of networking”, said Alberto Blois, general director of the event.

“Rio Info, in fact, was the first non-crypto-specific event to accept payment in bitcoin, through a partnership with Transfero”.

Innovation environment in Rio

According to Blois, the topic is “buzzing” and tends to be of increasing interest to the public.

“The mayor of Rio de Janeiro has started several initiatives to bring technology companies to the city, including several linked to the crypto asset market. And this is very interesting, because besides fostering business and innovation, it also brings economic development, generates jobs in the city”, he observed, mentioning that there is a productive chain around these companies.

“The more high value-added businesses set up in Rio, the more jobs and opportunities with the same profile will be created, stimulating the local economy”, he said.

Rio Info will have other tracks focused on technology

Besides the crypto universe, Rio Info will provide space for health, retail and sanitation debates, always from the perspective of new technologies.

“What all themes have in common is technology. In the health area, for example, there is a great advance in artificial intelligence and data, which enables telemedicine applications; retail, in turn, was one of the market segments that most went through transformations with the pandemic and the need for online operations. And sanitation is also undergoing several modernizations to ensure the safety and quality of services”,  Blois explained.

The event will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in Copacabana, and the organization expects to receive 300 participants. Besides the knowledge tracks, Blois reinforces the importance of networking and personal interaction in this almost post-pandemic period. “One of the highlights of Rio Info, the Café Majestic, is an area designed exactly for this. We are even alluding to the term TIC”, he said.

The complete program is on the event’s website. Registration is through the Sympla website.