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Nowadays, it is hard to talk about a crypto company without considering media strategy. After all, it is in this space that companies manage to create the conversation path with their audience. But in an environment with increasingly less space from social media owners and with more and more players in the market, wouldn’t it be time to think about proprietary media? This will be one of the questions that Bruno Costa, Operations Director at Barões Digital Publishing, will answer at Rio Info 2022.

“It’s no use for the company to put all its communication on social media since the web brings many more resources. Even more in the Web 3.0 scenario, which will open a large field for brands, they will need autonomy for their strategies”, said Costa. The way out, in this sense, is to try to create their own space to communicate with users.

Because of a few bad actors, Costa points out that Big Techs have imposed more rules that limit posts about crypto assets. “Even when crypto companies want to communicate, limitations exist. Meta, Google and LinkedIn only release contents about education in the industry, but you can’t promote crypto. It gets very complicated for companies”, he comments.

Costa will present at Rio Info 2022, which reaches its 20th edition, on September 12. According to the executive, Rio de Janeiro is increasingly consolidating itself as a technological capital. “Rio de Janeiro has always been the creative capital of Brazil. And now it is also becoming the technological capital”, he comments.

Disintermediation and proprietary media

“The way to escape this complex scenario is disintermediation. The brand builds, from the brand publishing methodology, its authority from planning, platform, content, distribution, and data”, said Costa.

The practical example of the method is PanoramaCrypto itself, created in partnership between Transfero and Barões, which accompanies the growth of the Transfero brand and its positioning as an authority in the sector.

In a market with more players at different ends, says the executive, having authority and an active voice is essential to differentiate in front of the public. On top of everything else, it is a way for reputable companies in the industry to combat the misinformation spreading about the crypto market. “Technology and communication can combat the lack of information”, analyzes Barões Digital’s chief operating officer.

Being a publisher is more than just thinking about the content to be published. It includes analyzing data and managing all the information on their own platforms. “Publishing is not just the visible face, which is the media”, says Costa.