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Shortly after the Federal Senate’s Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) approved a bill that may regulate the crypto market, the president of Brazil’s Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, assessed the sector’s importance for the economy.

While speaking during an event promoted by BTG Pactual last Tuesday (22), Roberto Campos Neto made positive remarks about the relevance of companies operating in the crypto market.

Besides praising the performance of platforms, the Central Bank president stated that the technology behind the crypto market represents great importance for the financial market.

“Cryptoassets foster important technology for financial system”.

While speaking about the current global economic scenario, Campos Neto also talked about the approval of Bill PL 3825/19 by CAE in the Senate. The president of the Central Bank thanked the parliamentarians who participated in the approval, reinforcing the importance of regulating cryptoassets in Brazil.

Roberto Campos Neto also talked about another bill in the House of Representatives, which also presents a proposal for regulating the crypto market. For him, bills 3825/19 and  4401/21 (former PL 2303/15) can become a single one.

Although the crypto market was praised by Campos Neto, during his talk at BTG Pactual’s event, he pointed out that the sector can offer risks to the financial market.