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Swiss SEBA Bank has released a cryptocurrency-based index. Named SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX), the index is dynamic and risk-optimized, with large exposure in the crypto market.

Over the past ten years, investment indices have gained ground in the financial markets. This can also become an interesting tool for cryptocurrencies to gain broad and representative exposure with transparent diversification rules.

The index was launched in partnership with the European index administrator MV Index Solutions. In addition, the project has the participation of Gentwo Digital, which will structure the first investment solution from the index.

According to Daniel Kuehne, head of asset management at SEBA Bank AG, the goal is to provide investors with the highest possible security with these investment solutions. “We want to build confidence in the new and complex cryptocurrency market environment,” he said.

SEBA Cryptocurrency Index Approaches Institutional Market

SEBA Bank commenced operations in November, offering both institutional and professional clients services in the area of ​​digital assets and traditional banks. “With our product and investment experience, we enable our clients to tap into the new potential of family-based digital asset classes in the existing financial world,” he said.

Creating such ratios is a further incentive for institutional investors to allocate part of their investments to digital assets. For example, police and civil servant pension funds in Fairfax County, Virginia, have recently allocated 1% of their funds to a digital asset fund and blockchain company.