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Recently, the criptocoins market featured a new trend. A new game, called Satoshi’s Treasure, performs a kind of treasure hunt and challenges its users to find US$ 1 million in bitcoins.

In an interview with CoinDesk, both the co-founder of Primitive Ventures and one of the game´s creators, Eric Meltzer, explained that the keys to this bitcoin portfolio were divided into 1,000 pieces. In order to move the funds, you must score a minimum of 400 keys. Players can collect and unravel clues the way they want to, or may even negotiate them.

According to Eric, there are no rules to the game, which already has many fans. Currently, there are more than 6 thousand supporters enrolled on the open discussion forum, in which tactics and tips are  covered. He also stated that the keys of the puzzle were not only spread out over the internet, but also were printed and pasted out of the virtual world. Thus, the intention is to encourage teamwork.

The game is considered quite difficult. This is because its format does not allow anyone to know the times or the location of all the clues or keys. “There are some leads that are given like a treasure hunt. However, others are purely mathematical calculations or logic, “said Meltzer.

The founder has also revealed that the creators intend to launch an app to help players track tips and updates, but this will not be required to play.

The app will also be a channel for sponsorships and partnerships with external brands. Meltzer had also made a secret about a possible investor, not yet revealed. “Part of the game’s goal is the attempt to find out who is behind all of this,” he said.