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The platform SportFix is proposing a revolution to the distribution of sports content using the crypto technology. The name references to Netflix, but it works aim the management of the rights and distribution of the content. For it, the platform increases the users interaction. The platform allow to link directly users, sport clubs and content producers. Therefore, it will be possible to consume sportive media on demand and voting to choice the content acquisition.

The SportsFix released a opportunity to o increase the actual system of sport content distribution. So, the platform wish to eliminate the need of a third party and democratize the access to sportive entertainment. SportsFix also will works as a social media, incentivizing the interaction between fans and offering a content recommendation system.

Using the blockchain of ethereum, SportsFix promotes the distribution of tokens that allows users to access the sportive content. The platform introduces the concept of Digital Stadiums. There the sport fans can access the content a la carte or purchase packages. Therefore, the content will be automatically classified in layers that are described in the white paper published by SportsFix.

Cryptocurrencies in the sports

In 2018 many applying crypto technology in several areas starts his development. The world of sports also have initiatives with clubs developing ICOs to funding campaigns to the teams. The first club to do it was the brazilian club Avaí, followed by the english Hull City. Both clubs try to create a straint connection with the fans. In fact when we realize the fact that this new business model eliminates the need of a third party participation, all this seems very promising.