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A hub that connects globally crypto business investments, consulting and crypto education. The base of this hub is a marketplace of digital asset investment funds. This is the proposal of Sppyns, to link asset management experts to people willing to invest. The company is currently running in assisted operation phase, but soon it should be fully operational.

The Sppyns was created in November of 2017, from an idea of the current CEO Gabriel Moreira. The Executive has as partners Rodrigo Csizmar Borges, Leonardo Faviere and Lucas Cabral. Rodrigo is the General Manager, Leonardo, CBDO (business development) and Lucas, CTO (technology).  The company’s business center is located in Switzerland and the operational base in Estonia, both crypto friendly countries.

 “We started with the mission of making smart cryptoinvestments, connecting good and successful investment strategies with people who want to monetize their bitcoins and other digital assets in a secure platform with high-usability,” says Moreira.

The target audience are the traditional financial market and crypto investors who source  expansion and diversification of their portfolios in this new asset class. The platform currently offers four funds. The goal, however, is to reach 30 funds until 2020. They all operate directly with cryptocurrencies, that is to say, act as a store of value in crypto.

Sppyns attended Switzerland event

The company recently participated in the Brazilian fintechs delegation that traveled to Switzerland for a three-day schedule in Zurich and Zug. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the relationship with companies and local authorities and seek new partnerships to increase the supply of funds in the coming years. Switzerland is considered the financial capital of the world and one of the most crypto-friendly countries globally.

“We want to democratize the access to these funds to a larger number of investors. The idea is to bring traditional investments for the world of cryptocurrencies through these partnerships with funds and companies that have investment products in cryptocurrency, “says Moreira.