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The adoption of stablecoins has a great raise in 2018, compared to others cryptocurrencies. The main reason according a study published by Diar is the is the growing distrust in tether. So, investors are searching for others possibilities of cryptocurrencies backed in fiat money.

According the report, the growing of november, compared to september was about 1.032%. In the end of this same month the volume of transactions with stablecoins was about US$3.2 billions. For example, Paxos registered by he self US$1.8 billion in the blockchain of Ethereum in last three months.

At this moment, the four biggest stablecoins – USDC, TUSD, GUSD, and PAX – have more than US$ 5 billions in transaction registered in the blockchain in a range of three months. However, the stablecoin TrueUSD registered a fall in this same period. Even with that, the transactions volume has doubled in the between october and november.

Market’s evolution

Stablecoins more and more is becoming a popular alternative to avoid the volatility of the cryptocurrencies. However, the stablecoins are backed in products that suffers interference of governments, banks and big institutions. For it, cryptocurrencies backed in others real assets – as properties, gold and others commodities – suggests a natural evolution of the crypto market. Certainly, this aspect will be very popular in the next years.