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The Swiss company founded by Brazilians, Ampere, intends to issue security tokens to finance clean energy projects – solar and wind energy. According to an article published in the Canal Energia portal, the company plans to make the issuing between the end of this year and the beginning of 2020.

The company mapped 600 MW in clean energy projects in Brazil. Most of them already have sales contracts signed with a specific consumer. The idea is to finance in the first phase 350 MW referring to more advanced-stage projects.

1 token = 1 watt installed

Each token to be issued by Ampere will be equivalent to 1 watt installed. The value calculation will be made using the average cost of installation per watt taking into account the average between wind and solar power plants. However, the token will be priced on the secondary market in accordance with the supply and demand of the asset.

The forecast is to have 1.1 GW installed within five years of the date of issue of the tokens. Currently, there are approximately 15.1 GW of wind energy and  2.1 GW of solar energy installed in Brazil.

The focus of the issuing is the European market. For the European investor, rates in Brazil are quite attractive, even considering the exchange-rate risk. On the other hand, the Brazilian holder will be able to benefit from a lower rate than he is used to obtain in country, including the ones offered by BNDES. The issuing will have the support and advice of Dynasty.