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United States, Russia and China lead the negotiation with cryptocurrency around the world, according with the study of BDCenter. The report analysed 30 popular brokerages and another ones smallers. The researchers analysed the target audience of the cryptocurrency brokerages using data from profile of the traders, as well as third party researches, according Livecoins.

Based on that methodology and in hims self discoveries, BDCenter concluded that the traders from United States, Russia and China represents almost 60% of the traders of cryptocurrency in the world. The brokerages from USA leads with more than 30%. At this ranking, Brazil is at the sixth position with 5.46% of the traders.

Furthermore, has analysed the location of the brokers’s registry and the list of documents that regulates their activities. The data were taken from official websites. The analyses showed that the most part of the companies have an office in many countries. So, one-third of the brokers have offices in China. To conduct the activities in territory of this country,  any financial company should be registered there. Some brokerages are located at Singapore or Samoa. This may be explained by the fact that the legislation of those countries are more friendly.

Some stats in crypto

Furthermore, the demographic data shows that the age range between 25 and 34 years old have more traders (more than 37%), followed by young adults (18-24), with almost 18%. Furthermore, more than 70% of the traders are mens. Most of the crypto investors already has concluded the university, but a significant percentage still at the graduate. Moreover, most part is from exacts and economy.

The research shows the importance of cryptocurrency in Brazil and in the world. As well as the profile of the people that have interest in this market. Slowly this cryptocurrency business is gaining space and leaving the China, USA and Russia axis. This it is extremely positive, because helps to increase the trust of the people in this class of asset.