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Digitec Galaxus AG has accepted payments using the main crypto-coins in the market, setting a great precedent in Switzerland. The company considered the “Swiss Amazon” contains two large companies, Alles Digitec and Galaxus. However, just purchases with values ​​above 200 Swiss francs allows the use of cryptocurrencies.

The payment solution uses the Coinfy tool that announced proudly in a tweet the implementation of its technology. However, there was also the involvement of the electronic payment company Datatrans AG and the team of engineers at Digitec, Team Specter. The effort and time required to create the means of payment were too large, according to the co-founder of Digitec Galaxus, Oliver Herren.

The company plans to accept many cryptocurrencies, as such as BCH, BSV, ETH, XRP, BNB, LTC, TRX, OMG, and NEO. For this reason, the Swiss will have a wide range of options to make their purchases in the retail network. In addition, starting the payment, users have a window of 15 minutes where currency volatility freeze guaranteed by the operator.

Swiss pioneering in the world crypto

Swiss has the Crypto Valley where several companies and events on cryptocurrency have concentrated. However, the adoption of crypto technology has been spreading throughout the country and generating several pioneering actions. The payment system announced by Digitec Galaxus AG joins as a previous case of cryptocurrency payment method in a retail giants. That’s why the statement said during the CV Summit, which took place on March 27, seems increasingly closer to reality.

“Switzerland will not only be known for knives and cheese but tokens”

Criptonoticias reported. the adoption of crypto-coins by Digitec Galaxus AG on March 19.