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Transfero continues to consolidate its positioning aimed at the investor public, in Brazilian media outlets. Throughout this year, the company was mentioned several times, with emphasis on BRZ and investment funds launched by the company at the end of last year.

Check below some of the mentions:

Infomoney pointed out that technology site Hacker Noon released the list of the world’s thirty most influential personalities in the cryptoassets industry. And that Transfero Swiss AG CEO Thiago Cesar ranked 11th, above important people in the blockchain industry, such as Tyler Winklevoss, one of Facebook’s rival twins, and Vitalik Buterin, founder of digital currency Ethereum. The subject was also featured in Isto É Dinheiro,  Cryptonizando and Webitcoin.

The largest female share in the cryptocurrency market – and investments in general – was featured in Cointelegraph, which echoed the interview given to PanoramaCrypto by Transfero Swiss’ Head of Business Development, Juliana Walenkamp. The media outlet pointed out that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should bring empowerment in the future  – and not only to women.

Transfero’s crypto hedge funds were also featured in the press. Infomoney published a survey of the country’s leading cryptocurrency funds and Transfero stood out throughout 2019 as the most profitable ones. The site Eu quero Investir also echoed the news.

Cointelegraph reported that BRZ has moved about US$35 million in seven months and that the projection for 2020 is to exceed US$10 million daily in trading volume and reach a total of US$250 million traded by the end of the year. The stablecoin was also featured in Valor Investe and Estadão

Transfero’s CEO, Thiago César, wrote an article for Money Times highlighting the importance of the company setting up operations in Switzerland and how the business environment in that country favored the asset growth.

Cointelegraph echoed the speech of Transfero Swiss’ head of investments, Carlos Russo, that “every adult” should have Bitcoin (BTC) in their investment portfolio, as reported in PanoramaCrypto.