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Despite the fall in the prices, the number of bitcoin holders has doubled in this year, from 18 millions in last year to 35 millions in 2018. For example, in 2016 have only about 5 millions of users in this cryptocurrency, according a study of Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance. In the same way, the number of accounts of crypto assets raised from 85 millions in 2017 to 139 millions this year.

The raise in the number of holders in the cryptocurrency have the potential to increase the adoption and raise up the prices. Therefore, this is important to those assets and may be a sign of recovery.

More positive numbers

The study also suggests that most part of the users are long-term investor or speculators. Therefore, if they sell on the actual scenery, will lose money. The increase in the users number also caused a increase in the number of exchanges, that grown although the low values. Binance still in the top of the ranking, according with Coinmarketcap. However, trades falled from US$ 2 billions per day to US$ 400 millions.

This year suffered a loss of US$ 700 billions in the crypto market. But, once this stage was reached, it can be done again. According to analysts, it probably shall happen at the end of 2019.