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A city with a Brazilian way is being developed through The Sandbox’s metaverse. The project results from a partnership between the platform and the Brazilian game studio Hermit Crab.

Called “Sports Land”, the city that will soon be launched on The Sandbox will have elements that refer to the Brazilian culture. According to the project, Rio de Janeiro city served as an inspiration for the developers.

With a focus on sports activities, users will find houses and landscapes that refer to Rio de Janeiro, such as beaches and communities. Through “Sports Land”, it will also be possible to practice sports in the metaverse.

A video was recently released by the Hermit Crab studio and showed how the Brazilian city in The Sandbox should work. The footage shows a preview of the digital city’s settings, with beaches and sports such as rock climbing, soccer, and basketball on display.

According to The Sandbox platform, the Brazil-inspired location will have special missions with rewards distributed in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for users.

The project developers are currently looking to partner with Brazilian athletes and teams that can be represented in the city in The Sandbox’s metaverse.

In addition, “Sports Land” partners will be able to trade NFT tokens directly in the digital city, which is still in the development phase and should be available to users in the second half of 2022.