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In addition to being considered a risky investment, cryptoassets like bitcoin can be used as a form of payment for virtually any product or service.

And anyone who has more than 181 bitcoins in their wallet can buy the world’s largest diamond that will be sold through an auction. Called “The Enigma”, the rare diamond is 555.55 carats and is the first of its kind to be publicly auctioned.

The auction house Sotheby‘s has decided to accept cryptoassets in the auction of the diamond, which has been part of a rare gemstone collection for 20 years.

Sotheby’s expects to reach bids for the gemstone between US$ 4.1 million and US$ 6.8 million, or up to US$ 37 million. Thus, considering the current bitcoin quotation on Tuesday (25), the bids for The Enigma can receive offers of more than 181 BTCs.

Bids for “The Enigma” can be submitted by interested parties starting February 3, 2022. Considered the world’s largest diamond by Guinness Book World Records in 2006, the gemstone has 55 facets.

Before accepting bids, the diamond will be displayed in various places such as London, Dubai, and Los Angeles. If it is auctioned with cryptoassets, this will be the second diamond negotiated by Sotheby‘s through this payment method.

In July 2021, the auction house finalized a rare diamond with payment in cryptoassets. For US$ 12.3 million, a Hong Kong collector took the gemstone home.