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Based on its successful experience, the Transfero Academy, which trains professionals for the crypto market, is seeking sponsors for the project. The initiative’s andragogical coordinator, Flávio Paranhos, explains that this is a good opportunity for multinationals or big companies linked to the financial market to associate their brand with an inclusive project, which is concerned with training young people from different social groups in technology.

“The partner company will gain visibility, not only for contributing to the training but for supporting a project of social inclusion. It is not necessary to have a degree to participate in the program, which attracts various social groups”, argued Paranhos, who participated on September 3 in the panel ‘New ways to train programmers’, at Hacking.Rio, an event organized within the BlockchaIn Rio Festival, in Rio de Janeiro.

A gap of 800 thousand programmers

As it grows in the market, Transfero faces a gap of specialized professionals in technology, so it invests in training for the company itself. The concern is not unfounded. By 2025, there will be a shortage of 800 thousand programmers in Brazil, according to the event’s moderator, Xavier Leclerc, director of .Futuro, a company specialized in technology events. Leclerc based his statement on a study released by the Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies and Digital Technologies (Brasscom).

The panelists shared the same concerns regarding the job market. And the education initiatives have been producing good results. According to Mathieu le Roux, co-founder of the Le Wagon Latam technical school, about 70% of the students become programmers and 30% entrepreneurs.

The Transfero Academy must be expanded

In the face-to-face model, the first Transfero Academy course started in February this year, with 15 students, 13 of whom were hired by the company. The second group, which began in July, will finish the course by January 2023. The course is free, and the company offers a monthly scholarship and a daily allowance. The idea of seeking sponsoring partners is precisely to expand the reach of the courses, as there were 900 candidates for the second group alone.

For Paranhos, the chances of entering the market are pretty good. Registration is made at the company’s site.

“The programmer has to have a disruptive vision; Web 3.0 is a reality today. He must stop thinking in traditional models. He must be passionate about technology, even if he has no previous training in the area. There are many people changing professions. You need to have the will to learn”, explained the coordinator. “It’s like studying languages. You will learn to speak what the computer must do”, he added.

Student praises the course

Clarice Hatischuili, a 21-year-old trans woman, is very satisfied with the course and the welcoming environment. She studies Philosophy at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj), but is considering migrating to another course in computing. And starting now, she wants to be a programmer.

“The classes are very good, and people starting from scratch are progressing very fast. Like me, even those who haven’t taken a boot camp (crash course) are learning fast. It is a promising career, and starting at Transfero Academy, you can specialize in several areas, such as smart contracts, front-end programming, and back-end programming”, commented the student.