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In its 10th edition, Labitconf, one of the most significant Latin American events on the crypto market, returns to Buenos Aires, Argentina, after an edition in El Salvador. With Transfero’s presence, the meeting will gather major players worldwide for debates on the most relevant topics in the segment.

 The event, which takes place between November 10 and 13, 2022, promises to bring opportunities for companies and individuals interested in the crypto universe, blockchain, web 3.0, and more. 

According to Justina Garcia de la Peña, Transfero’s country manager in Argentina, the event will further consolidate the company’s operations throughout Latin America.

“Labitconf will be a space for us to offer all business possibilities with Argentina in search of increasing crypto adoption in the Latin American region.”

According to Justina, the goal is to present different work proposals so that the market gets to know the opportunities not only in Brazil but also in Argentina and, in the future, in other regions of the continent.

“Transfero is one of the event’s main sponsors, and our team is putting together a complete proposal for these four days of the event. We will offer different work proposals beyond Brazil since Argentina today offers the same expansion and goal the company has achieved after so long.”

 Transfero at Labitconf

Consolidating the crypto market in Latin America will be one of the main topics discussed at Labitconf 2022. Even with the bear market in the sector, the adoption of crypto assets has grown in countries like Argentina and Brazil.

In Argentina, for example, the use of stablecoins has increased considerably, with the assets becoming an economic refuge for the population, with an 83% inflation rate accumulated over the last twelve months.

For Justina, Argentina and Brazil are the leading countries in Latin America regarding crypto adoption. So, not surprisingly, Transfero launched a stablecoin in Brazil, the BRZ (with a price pegged to the Brazilian real), and in Argentina, the ARZ (with a price pegged to the Argentine peso).

 “Labitconf will reach over 60 companies with many international guests. Companies worldwide are willing to have much more knowledge, and immersion within emerging countries in the region, and Argentina is a gateway.”

Event Schedule

There will be four event days with workshops, lectures, and a developers competition. In addition to Transfero, the event will have the presence of major personalities of the crypto market, such as Michael Saylor, former CEO of MicroStrategy.

Transfero, the largest issuer of stablecoins in Latin America, with the successful case of BRZ, will participate in a lecture about stablecoins on November 12.

Led by Rodrigo Stallone, director of new business at Transfero, the  lecture “Stablecoins: gateway to the international market in Latin America” will address the challenges and opportunities that the adoption of stablecoins can provide to countries in the region.

Also, on November 12, Thiago Rüdiger, director of Transfero, will discuss “The development of stablecoins in Latin America” alongside other experts in the crypto market.

Registration for Labitconf can be done online through the event’s official website. With both in-person and online activities, the event hopes to bring crypto assets enthusiasts, experts and investors to the largest meeting of the crypto market in Latin America.