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Transfero Swiss AG will hold on November 12, together with the Consulate General of Switzerland in São Paulo and with Switzerland Global Enterprise, a cocktail at the Official Residence of Switzerland in São Paulo.

The event, which bears the same name as this publishing project – PanoramaCrypto – aims to disseminate to the Brazilian market Transfero’s projects in the digital asset market as well as the actions of strengthening the company’s global performance.

In addition to the CEO of Transfero Swiss, Thiago Cesar, the Consul General of Switzerland in Brazil, Urs Brönnimann, will be present as well as representatives of companies and institutions in the cryptomarket and customers. The meeting is exclusive to guests, including businessmen and journalists.

Transfero Swiss AG is an investment company focused on the universe of digital assets. Founded by Brazilians, today it is based in Zug (Switzerland) in the so-called Crypto Valley, and in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). It offers investment and management services in this environment, seeking to provide to investors a differentiated service and a more sophisticated way to access this new asset class.

Cryptocurrencies in the mainstream

Cryptocurrencies have already reached the mainstream. Institutional investors such as pension funds, family offices and endowment funds are already adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolios. In addition, they are a tool of independence for the individual, who for the first time in history can have scarce digital assets with characteristics similar to gold and precious metals, and thus protect themselves from economic cycles and systemic crisis.

Recently, Transfero began raising US$100 million for three Bahamas-based investment funds. With this, the company seeks to position itself within an increasingly strong movement in which cryptoassets managers are migrating to a regulated market.

And in the first half of this year, Transfero launched BRZ, the first stablecoin pegged to the Real. Listed as a token utility, the BRZ is becoming an important tool for cryptocurrency traders worldwide. Besides being a way to globalize the Real.


Event: PanoramaCrypto
Date: November 12th 2019
Venue: Official Residence of Switzerland in São Paulo– Cristóvão Pereira Street, 371, Brooklin Paulista, São Paulo.
Time: 6pm