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The strategies for assets management of Transfero keep surpassing all indexes in the Brazilian market for the year to date. Until the end of July, the TSAG Advanced had an appreciation of 106.8%, the TSAG Libra reached 68.99% and TSAG Conservative, 24.43%. The Ibovespa reached 15.84% until the end of that month.

Considering the month of July alone, only the strategy of Transfero TSAG Conservative had an appreciation of 3.13%. The other two strategies have had losses of 23.79%  and  26.34% and real, respectively. The increasing dominance of the bitcoin on the cryptocurrencies market, reaching almost 70%, led to a negative variation of the portfolios regarding this cryptocurrency.  But the real loss is due to the adjustment in the market in the month of July.

Despite the fall in July, the current market scenario is favorable. The price of the bitcoin underwent a sharply high from February to June (+ 250%). Later on the price correction in July (-12.22%) was soon succeeded by the continuation of the uptrend in early August (25%).

At the head, in the short to medium term, it is expected a decision between the buyer and seller force. “If the high flag, which has been formed from the top at US$ 13,900, is broken up, we will have a new high price this August that can reach a historic record in the year. If the breach doesn’t happen, we will experience a fall for next week”, says the Head of Investments at Transfero Swiss, Carlos Franco Russo.

Internally, the Brazilian market has had some good news in July. First, the Selic rate has reached a new historical minimum and the evidence of a new cycle of fall. In addition, the progress of the discussion on the tax reform gained momentum and the agenda after the social security reform starts to be the most commented topic. All this contributed to the market’s good mood that month.

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See the full results of Transfero’s strategies

Profitability in the month
Advanced -> -23,79% (BRL) / -5,80% (BTC)
Libra -> -26,34% (BRL) / -8,74% (BTC)
Conservative -> 3,13%

Accumulated profitability in the year
Advanced -> 106,80% (BRL) / -20,69% (BTC)
Libra -> 68,99% (BRL) / -35,17% (BTC)
Conservative -> 24,43%