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Transfero CEO, Thiago Cesar, will participate in a webinar that discusses the effects of stablecoins on currency trading between players from different countries. The online event, Bringing FX Into the 21st Century, takes place on the 26th of this month, organized by Nexus Trading.

Thiago speaks with authority as he runs the company that launched the largest Real-backed stablecoin, the BRZ. Transfero’s stablecoin is also one of the Stablecoin Alliance creators — which has the participation of BiLira, among other currencies.

For Transfero CEO, access is one of the main advantages of the stablecoins. “In the case of BRZ in Brazil, and BiLira in Turkey, stablecoin increases the population’s access to international platforms, as they are countries with restrictions in terms of integration with global finance. Besides, they also have, for example, somewhat outdated economic frameworks when compared to developed countries where it is possible to have multi-currency accounts”, he says.

Webinar on stablecoins will have participation of executives

Thiago adds that stablecoins also allow international platforms to access markets where there is no infrastructure. “It is the case of a foreign platform reaching the Brazilian market by having a listed stablecoin, as is the case of Nexus. Stablecoin makes users from that country able to interact with the platform more efficiently, without friction, even if this platform is not physically present in the country”, he explains.

Commenting on the importance of the Stablecoin Alliance, he explained that its goal is to promote the interests of stablecoins, especially regarding trading with exchanges and platforms that want to have stablecoins. Besides, he stressed that as the alliance unifies different players, it becomes a facilitator for dialogue with those interested in dealing with the issue.

In addition to the CEO of Transfero, BiLira’s COO, Vidal Arditi, and Ian McAfee, CEO of Shift Market and Nexus Trading, will participate in the event.

Bringing FX Into the 21st Century

Date: January 26 

Time: 12:00 PM ET, broadcast by Zoom 

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