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The economy and the job market itself are changing. Several factors have contributed to the growing demand for digital solutions: the crypto market experienced a real boom in 2021, decentralized finance (DeFi) took center stage, and the need for digital security increased.

However, all this growth has highlighted a serious issue: the lack of qualified professionals. The offer of vacancies in the segment grew last year by about 400%. But, despite this, there is a real shortage of skilled labor to fill such positions in Brazil.

The Association of Information and Communication Technology (TIC) and Digital Technology Companies (Brasscom) estimates that 420 thousand jobs must be opened by 2024. However, at the current pace of talent training, the prospect is that Brazil will take about ten years to train the professionals that the sector will need in the next three years.

Lack of talent is even greater in the crypto sector

The shortage of qualified professionals in the crypto market is even greater than in other sectors, either because of the more specific profile or because it is still a relatively new segment.

But opportunities exist on several fronts. Developers, for example, can work both in building the architecture of the company’s systems and in implementing and managing blockchain.

Blockchain analysts and DevOps (short for Developer & Operations) consultants are among the most important – and best paid – careers in this market.

Governance (compliance) analysts, risk managers, and business development professionals are essential in the crypto sector. However, qualifications and constant updating make all the difference.

Transfero Program aims to empower new talent

Believing in the importance of developing technical skills and training employees, and being aware of the urgency of the market, Transfero began its training program, the Transfero Academy.

According to Transfero’s Chief Strategy Officer, Márlyson Silva, the project arose due to the lack of skilled professionals in the sector and the educational bias always present in the company’s culture. “The market lacks professionals in technology and, in particular, in the crypto sector. So we want to form not only developers but professionals able to be protagonists of their history”, he said.

The first group of talents to participate in the Transfero Academy program has already been selected. The themes developed throughout the four training stages will be Big Data, Data Analysis, Python, .Net, Solidity, and Rust. In addition, the participants will count on mentoring from specialists and will have the opportunity to develop a project with Transfero’s team.

The talents selected for the training process will receive a scholarship of at least R$ 1 thousand, varying according to their technical level, in addition to a flexible benefit of the same value. If hired, their remuneration will start at R$ 3 thousand, in addition to the R$1 thousand benefit.

Transfero’s perspective is to transform the future of young people from focused education and training professionals within their own homes. “By the end of this year, the goal is to train at least 100 professionals who will be able, at the end of the course, to be hired by Transfero or by one of our partners”, said Márlyson Silva.

Transfero will soon announce a selection process for new groups.