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Transfero has launched an open reporting channel for internal and external audiences. The goal is clear: to bring more trust and transparency to the company’s operations. In doing so, the company acts as a leader for good practices in the Brazilian crypto market.

 “The crypto market is still beginning, and there are not many regulations yet, so Transfero is creating this channel in good faith”, explains Mayra Lachter, head of Compliance at the company. For her, the non-regulatory action gives more weight to the service since it shows that Transfero is prepared to take an extra step in compliance management.

Lachter explains that compliance is formed by a tripod: prevention, detection, and response. The channel strengthens the detection area.

 “We are always concerned with the prevention, there is a whole ‘know your client’ verification process to get to know this client, but it is always important to have a channel open to external and internal audiences to investigate and open investigative processes,” says the director.

“The mitigating control for detection is the reporting channel. Only those who are sure about their actions can open this possibility. Those who know what they are doing can act preventively. With the channel, if anything happens, we can act as quickly as possible,” says Mayra.

Internal and external

The platform will be open on Transfero’s website and application to receive messages that may be anonymous or not. In a form, the user can indicate the nature of the complaint and whether it is related to the internal environment.

Each complaint will be investigated, sent to the specific area, and resolved. The channel will be open to investigate and remedy possible inappropriate employee behavior.

Mayra says opening the channel to employees is a natural path and reflects Transfero’s growth.

“The company went from 40 employees to 150 in a few months. It covers a large behavioral range, a heterogeneous group. We need tools capable of understanding and reinforcing good practices,” said the head of Compliance.

“The channel creates trust for people. Many times, they fear retaliation for indicating inappropriate behavior. There, they can report such situations, and we will investigate and take action,” said Mayra.

She stresses that employee trust needs to be as good as customers trust. “If we want the market to trust us, we also need to have that feeling of trust internally,” she says.

In addition, internally, improvement is linked to the ability to respond and act quickly to complaints. “Based on the input we receive, we are able not only to treat some behavior or fraud but also to improve and correct it from then on,” says the executive.

A leap forward for the market

The transparency of the reporting channel is essential for a market that still suffers from a few players’ opacity.

“If one company does something bad, the whole market is contaminated. The opposite can also happen: if one company does something good, the other companies are also elevated, because if we pull the ruler up, the others will also have to follow. Transparency and reliability generate sustainability”, said Mayra.

To learn more about the program or share your impressions and criticisms, access Transfero’s reporting channel.