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The opportunities in the DeFi environment have become increasingly larger and Transfero is contributing so that Brazilian users can take advantage of decentralized finance simply and securely. In partnership with Midas Capital, the company is launching its pool with the BRZ.

This will be the first time that Brazilian users will be able to borrow against a stablecoin with the real as the base currency. In practice, this allows volatility to be reduced, without having to follow the relationship, for example, between the real and the dollar.

Midas Capital

Focused on building a democratized ecosystem, Midas Capital allows users, DAOs, and protocols to develop custom liquidity pools for lending any asset.

Those who use Midas to create the pools have complete flexibility to modify the parameters according to their goals. Interest rate curves, pool rates, oracles, and other factors will result in more traditional products for end users.

Transfero x Midas Pool

With the pool at Midas, Brazilians will be able to borrow BRZ using bitcoin, ethereum, and Binance Coin as collateral, or collateralize against these digital assets. The current pool structure is as follows:

  • Collateral: BTC (70% LTV), ETH (70% LTV), 3BRL (60% LTV), MAI (70% LTV), BRZ (70% LTV), WBNB (70% LTV);
  • Assets that can be borrowed: BRZ, BTC, ETH, MAI, and WBNB.

For Pedro Mace, Head of DeFi at Transfero, this is just the first step of many actions by the company to encourage the participation of Brazilian users in the decentralized market.

“Our partnership with Midas provides the beginning of a multinational on-chain credit market. Enabling diverse financial positions and opportunities, as well as generating a decentralized, healthy, flexible, and inclusive market. And still have much more to come.”

To check out more details of the pool launched by Transfero in partnership with Midas Capital, access the link here.