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The portfolios  managed by Transfero Swiss AG outperformed all major market indexes in the month of May. The TSAG Advanced, for example, ended the month with a return of 62.57% in Reais to the investor. This percentage is 8,838% higher than the appreciation of Ibovespa, with 0.70% that month. The portfolio uses active management to obtain  higher income than the ones from the digital assets market. In the year, TSAG Advanced accumulates a hike of 107.23% and, over the last 12 months, 54.27%

The TSAG Libra, passive strategy from a wallet of 10 biggest cryptocurrencies  with equal weight between them, closed May with an income of 51.43% in Reais to the investor. Over the year, the wallet accumulates a gain of 122.83%.

The main influence on the performance of both wallets was the appreciation of the bitcoin in May. In that month, the largest cryptocurrency grew 46% in value in Reais. Despite this hike, the market as a whole did not follow it. In contrast, many altcoins were converted to BTC.

Altcoins may be the next great leap

In other words, many investors “burned” their altcoins with the goal of accumulating more bitcoins and leverage this significant asset hike. Thus, this movement led to a poor performance of the altcoins market, which generated a negative performance in both the TSGA Advanced and Libra once considered the value in bitcoins.

In general, the case for the cryptocurrencies  is positive. In May, there was a big demand of altcoins conversion in bitcoin. In early June, this conversion has lost strength, however the BTC continued to grow. Being so, in the coming months it is possible to have a new altcoins rally, leading to an increasing market appreciation as a whole.

In the year, the Ibovespa accumulates a high of just over 10%. On the other hand the  CDI had profitability of 0.54% in May, which led to a cumulative performance of 6.37% over the last 12 months. Based on the Central Bank exchange rate (Ptax 800), the dollar had a slight drop of -0.12% in the month, rated at R$ 3.9407, while the euro fell  -0.59% rated at R$ 4.3939. The new savings, in turn, presented 0.37% gain, accumulating 4.55% in 12 months.

Check the performance of the Transfero wallets:

Profitability in May:
Advanced – BRL (62,57%) e BTC (-0,79%)
Libra – BRL (51,43%) e BTC (-7,13%)
Conservative – BRL (3,12%)

Accumulated profitability in the year:
Advanced – BRL (107,23%) e BTC (-11,31%)
Libra – BRL (122,83%) e BTC (-5,59%)
Conservative – BRL (17,12%)

Profitability over the last 12 months:
Advanced – BRL (54,27%) e BTC (28,63%)
Libra – BRL (-35,56%) e BTC (-46,57%)
Conservative – BRL (60,21%)